About Us

There’s More To Us Than Just Recruiting

At Novotus, we have six core values that make us unique – top down. Ask us about the Novotus Compass. We walk the talk. It’s non-negotiable.


A strong, unified group of dedicated individuals committed to serving our clients needs. That’s Novotus.


Customer WOW!
The perseverance to exceed expectations – every client, every interaction, every day. That’s Novotus.


Others First
We set aside our personal gain for the benefit of everyone to achieve our ultimate goal. That’s Novotus.


Passion and Innovation
The realization that recruiting is a part of our soul, our spirit. It’s what drives us. That’s Novotus.


Do What’s Right.
The ability to go the extra mile, to choose greatness, even when no one is looking. That’s Novotus.


We Love This Job
We create a culture that breeds success and innovation. Who doesn’t love that? That’s Novotus.

A team you can trust to achieve your recruiting objectives.

Led by Cory Kruse and a seasoned team of professionals, Novotus has been delivering recruiting results for more than 14 years. Onward and upward.



January 20, 2017

Super Start to 2017: Novotus President Cory Kruse named HRO Today Superstar

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January 23, 2017

Novotus President Cory Kruse Named to Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) Board of Advisors

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